The Membership Plans and Their Features of Lifelock Company

Lifelock is an identity theft protection company. It facilitates in protecting the identity of an individual and also aware them before becoming a victim of the identity theft. They have different membership plans for the consumer. As the world is increasing with the crime, so it is better to secure your identity before it gets stolen.


Lifelock provides different services and has many good features which help the consumer avail the full benefit.  They provide promo codes too but, no identity theft promo codes are available to other companies. Lifelock Company provides three different membership plans with different features. They are as follows:

  1. Lifelock Ultimate Plus – This plan has a price of $29.99 for a month and $329.99 for a year. The features of this plan are:
    1. Lifelock alerts you if any transaction like withdrawal or balance transfer is made through your investment accounts. They immediately give alert through phone, text or email.
    2. Lifelock monitors your bank account as many identity thieves misuse your account by taking over your account and adding new account holders.
    3. Lifelock maintains the credit report and the credit score with the help of credit bureaus. By this facility, you can detect any change in your credit profile.
    4. Lifelock provides you with the credit inquiries if any merchant or lenders inquire your credit account.
    5. Lifelock helps in monitoring the file sharing network for identifying the vulnerability and any usage of your personal information.
    6. Lifelock provides reimbursement up to 1 Million Dollars if you become an identity theft victim.
  1. Lifelock Standard –. This plan has a price of $9.99 for a month and $109.89 for a year. The features of LifeLock standard plans are:
  1. They monitor many illegal sites. These illegal sites sell your identification and misuse it. So to ensure optimal identity protection, they monitor these criminal sites and automatically notify you about any misuse of your identity.
  2. Lifelock notifies you of any change in your address made in your name. Identity thieves steal one’s identity by redirecting the personal information to some fraudulent address.
  3. Lifelock has a support team who are award-winning, and they are available to help you at day and night.
  4. Lifelock recommends you to remove all pre-approved credit card mailing lists. As this emails help the thief in stealing the information. Thus removing the mail list gives a low chance of identity fraud.
  5. Lifelock matches your personal details such as name, date of birth with the records of the court to find any criminal activities. By doing so, it can give aware you of any false arrests and false convictions which are under your name.

  1. Lifelock Advantage plan – The price of this plan is $19.99 monthly and $219.89 yearly. The features of LifeLock Advantage plan are:

  1. Lifelock scans the details of your information which are connected to your social security number and helps to stop in creating fake identities.
  2. Lifelock provides few promo codes too for the consumer, but no identity theft promo codes are provided by other protection companies.
  3. Lifelock alerts you of any large scale breach occur in your account.